Big Al Mcmordie MLB Totals Continued


Let’s take a closer look at the A’s. They are a good team at home but terrible on the road, which is why they are in third place. This is not a very good offense, so they are only able to compete when the pitching staff keeps them close in games. This is more likely at home, as Oakland is a huge park. 22-year old starter Trevor Cahill has a 1.35 ERA at home, but that balloons to 3.70 on the road. He’s given up 8 homers on the road but none at home! The same thing is evident with starter Gio Gonzalez, who has a 2.36 ERA at home and a 4-2 record, but a 4.71 ERA on the road.

Oakland starts a home stand this week against the Yankees and Angels.
They carry a 4-1 run under the total at home into it from their last home stand. I recall a few years ago when the A’s were on a long road trip at the end of July where they went to hitter-friendly parks in New York and Boston, going 6-1-1 over the total for MLB totals sports bettors. Professional sports bettors carefully look at parks and trends like this, in addition to offensive production.

– To Be Continued

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