Ryan’s Rant: Michael Vick


I can hardly believe my ears and then my eyes when it was announced at 5:30 AM EST that Michael Vick would start this week in Jacksonville. Philly fans have always loved the back-up until he becomes the starter.

Vick is arguably playing QB better than anyone in the league and is duel run/pass threat is a nightmare for any DC to plan for. However, just Monday, HC Andy Reid stated that Kolb was his man. Now, in a sudden change of heart they back track? This sounds like the decision clearly came from ownership and from the locker room. It is also a sign that Reid may be nearing the end of his run in Philadelphia. Never a good thing when the owner over rules the HC. I don’t know this for fact, but no HC has ever changed his mind in two days without it being from the bosses. This also opens up trade opportunities. Not for Vick, but Kolb. There has always been interest in Kolb by the Browns and Minnesota would certainly be a candidate as well. The Vikings HC Childress is the former Eagles OC and would love to have Kolb come to the Vikings as their future.

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