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John Ryan – US Open Tennis Championship


Manny to the White Sox is expected to occur today and the combination of skipper Guillan and Manny together will make for ‘must see’ reality TV. Manny was thrown out of yesterday’s game after the first pitch of an AB with the bases loaded. Certainly poor judgement, but i am certain he has said similar ‘statements’ to home plate umpires in the past. Did Manny wear out his welcome in LA? Probably true, but his release to the White Sox is not because of this single event. I will certainly be interested to see how the relationship between Guillan and Manny evolves. Must see reality TV. By comparison, was Ethier ripped for his anger in a recent ejection? Hardly, but Manny has a history of poor teammate behavior. Yet, when he is between the white lines he is arguably one of the finest right handed hitters to ever play the game.

For the US Open Tennis Championship Day 1: Take Andreas Beck at +150 over Michael Berrer and Christina McHale at +140 over Vania King.