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Big Al Mcmordie MLB Totals Continued


Let’s take a closer look at the A’s. They are a good team at home but terrible on the road, which is why they are in third place. This is not a very good offense, so they are only able to compete when the pitching staff keeps them close in games. This is more likely at home, as Oakland is a huge park. 22-year old starter Trevor Cahill has a 1.35 ERA at home, but that balloons to 3.70 on the road. He’s given up 8 homers on the road but none at home! The same thing is evident with starter Gio Gonzalez, who has a 2.36 ERA at home and a 4-2 record, but a 4.71 ERA on the road.

Oakland starts a home stand this week against the Yankees and Angels.
They carry a 4-1 run under the total at home into it from their last home stand. I recall a few years ago when the A’s were on a long road trip at the end of July where they went to hitter-friendly parks in New York and Boston, going 6-1-1 over the total for MLB totals sports bettors. Professional sports bettors carefully look at parks and trends like this, in addition to offensive production.

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Big Al Mcmordie MLB Totals


Offense has been down a bit the last few seasons in major league baseball. There are many theories about this, from teams shoring up the relief staff as many games are decided in the 6th, 7th and 8th innings, to the decrease in steroids. Another factor that’s always worth considering is the ballpark. It’s no secret that the dimensions of parks play a role not only in how a team plays but in how a team is constructed.

When wagering on baseball totals (we are 68-47 on our MLB Totals thus far), it’s important to look at the park, the defense and the pitching staffs — both starting and relief pitching. Current teams with large, pitcher-friendly parks are Safeco in Seattle, Dodger Stadium in LA, Comerica in Detroit, Petco in San Diego and the Oakland Coliseum.

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