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Hollywood Sports – Brett Farve


So its not about the money, its not about missing training camp and its not about redeeming himself for not knowing where the line of scrimmage was when he threw his third straight season-ending interception against the Saints (he admitted this after the game). No, Brett is returning to football “for the guys”. Uh-huh. And Oprah still does her show because she can’t live without her studio audience. Minnesota is now a 6:1 fave to win the NFC Championship. Really? A 41-year old QB with bad ankles who openly disrespects his head coach is going to lead his team to an NFC Championship after blowing opportunities in two of the last three seasons? And while ESPN reminds me everyday how magical his season was last year, can I point one thing out? Roughly coinciding with Favre’s blow up with Childress for daring to remove him in a game, the Vikings switched their offense from being focused on Adrian Peterson (remember when Brett was just coming in to manage the game and hand it off to this phenom?) to one that banked on Favre’s arm. And while Favre put up great numbers, lets talk turnovers. In his first twelve games, Favre threw only three interceptions. In his last seven games, Saint Favre threw six picks. Does a career of high-risk throws make one a diva – or do you have to be a diva already to never learn in nineteen years to reign it in a little? What’s the Over/Under for his INT total this season? I have the Over … unless an injury shelves his season before I get my number.